Our Mission:

Seniorem is a new breed, creating high performing Care …

We are driven by a strong business development DNA and entrepreneurial spirit, seeking excellence in elderly care. Always looking for new ways to grow and improve. We believe that change leads the way to success.

A Message From Our CEO

“I have had the privilege of being involved in senior care since the early 1990s. This is a people business with our long-term guests being individuals with the requirement to be treated with dignity and love as they enjoy the latter years of their lives. Every generation is special, and people never seemed to ask for much as they grow older. It is our objective to provide people with their last home and we have put the client at the heart of everything within the organisation. There are many stakeholders involved with the operation of a senior care facility, our first thoughts are always for the people for whom we care 24 hours a day seven days a week. As we progress into a digital age Seniorem Care Group is well placed to take advantage of a long history of experience and optimization of care using its management experience.”

Luke Hill – Chief Executive Officer

Seniorem Senior Care Solutions

Care is all about people, and in an environment based on CQC regulation and guest reviews. Care Homes with an individual character will have a competitive edge, gaining in reach and exposure.

We are passionate to create one of a kind experiences for our guests. And our team of care ambassadors, combines personal interaction with creative ideas, to differentiate our care home provision. On-top we have a single-minded commitment to profitability.

Seniorem aims to inspire its customers – both Care Homeowners and guests – through an innovative and holistic approach. We challenge the established order in the market with our progressive and energetic culture, plus a scientific approach to optimising care.

Simply striving to be the best as an unbeatable force of change to be reckoned with, challenging the status quo.

Care Home Investment Our Values

Our Values

  • Adaptability
    We are adaptable. We respond well to unfamiliar territory and maintain effectiveness in changing environments. We work with open minds to ensure that we can refine our strategy in any situation.
  • Creativity
    As visionaries seeking excellence in care, we work with a no limits approach. We do not want to be complacent. We always look for more.
  • Commitment
    We are resilient and persistent. We believe in doing our best. We know our way to our objectives.
  • Trust
    We build trust through transparency and open communication. Trust is the basis of excellence in our work.

Seniorem is a new breed,
creating high performing care…

Care Home Management

Seniorem is a new breed of care provider, creating high performance Senior living

Years of Experience

Our Care
Management Services

As part of our care management services we assist our investment clients with care concept development services.

With years of experience and having been at the forefront of innovation in the care industry, we create unique and original lodging concepts. We work together with various design studios to make your care provision stand out and become a lifestyle destination. Clients are moving to their New HOME not a care home.